Sustainable travel planning – a better way to see the world

sustainable local travel

Sustainable travel has been a popular topic in the past couple of years. But what does it actually mean? If you’re confused by it, you’re not alone. Traveling sustainably doesn’t only mean choosing greener initiatives and supporting good businesses while you’re abroad. Travel changes you, and the way you travel changes the world.” Dara Herr, […]

Biomimicry – a holistic approach to life and work

Biomimicry workshop out in the open

Biomimicry is an approach we can take to resolve our challenges while coming up with nature-inspired, sustainable solutions. These solutions, whether they are processes, policies or products, should be viable in the long run. The main idea behind biomimicry approach is that nature has already worked out many problems and by closely examining some of […]

What no one tells us about female hygiene product alternatives

Monthlies have been a taboo for years.  As a humankind, we’ve grown from believing menstruation to be a punishment from the Gods, to using the blood as an ingredient for different medicines, to using papyrus pads and loincloths, to finally using first mass-produced disposable pads in 1888. Nowadays, periods are slowly becoming a common topic. However, […]