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The rate in which we change our mobile phone devices makes a plastic phone case end up on a landfill every 19-21 months.  Therefore I must ask have you heard about Pela case yet?! This amazing Canadian project keeps the waste out of our oceans by producing a fashionable and eco-friendly case for iPhone. The plastic can decompose effectively without leaving behind any toxic leftover.

Let’s analyze why Pela case is a good choice for those of you considering to buy environmentally friendly phone cases. The following are the important factors when making a conscious consumer decision.

Pela case a plant-based eco-friendly case
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1. The eco-friendly case made of compostable materials

Have you seen A Plastic Ocean? You should, it’s shocking. It addresses why we need to thoroughly rethink plastic right away.

In case you have not seen plastic pollution yet, have you wondered where it all ends up far from sight? Because it has to end up somewhere. If a piece of plastic needs roughly 300 years to disintegrate, and we discard around 8 million tons of plastic waste into our ocean annually, that pile has to exist waiting to decompose. Unfortunately, marine species end up ingesting much of our trash. The bigger plastic package, like bottles and lunch boxes, end up washed up on a shore.  Scientists reported a shocking 90% of seabirds have been found with plastic scraps in their intestines. Even the synthetic particles that wash off our clothing are found in their guts. Furthermore, every third species of marine mammals has been detected trapped within the plastic litter.

One way to do something about it would be to take action with Plastic Oceans today. Another way would be to start buying products that tackle environmental pollution.

How does Pela case tackle environmental pollution?

The phone case is made out of Flaxstic which is formulated to consist of 40-45% biobased materials (flax straw shive and biopolymers). Although the company is working to improve the formula, I can say it already looks pretty great. It can be composted in your backyard, it meets all the safety regulations and it’s free of phthalates, BPA, and lead. Moreover, its production process is characterized by lower carbon footprint and GHG emission than common plastic.

2. Transparency

Greenwashing is very fashionable nowadays and it’s one of the most important things to be aware of when choosing who to buy from.

While we can see a lot of examples of greenwashing in marketing campaigns, Pela case openly states they are not one of those companies. They are transparent about the process of production and transport and before taking any business decisions they claim they consider the subsequent environmental impact.


3. The aftermath of the eco-friendly case


Pela case is compostable. It means it will degrade into carbon dioxide, biomass and water in your compost bin in your backyard. Afterward, you’ll be able to use it like the rest of your compost! However, for this to happen, you have to properly take care of it after disposing of it. You should remember not to trash it with other plastic because it won’t have the conditions to decompose – a landfill lacks air, sunlight, and moisture.

The second option is to send it back. Pela Cycle is the company’s program for recycling. You can send them the case you’re done with and they’ll use it to make a brand-new one. By doing this you also get a 10% discount for a new product.




4. The sustainable phone case on a mission


When you buy a phone case, you support cleaner waters. As a member of 1% percent for the planet, this eco-friendly case company commits to donating to environmental nonprofits that work on marine species and ocean conservation. They fortify this mission with their referral program. If someone uses a referral link you get after buying a Pela case, 3$ from that payment goes to a charity like Amnesty International, Unicef, WWF etc.


Even though Pela case still needs to work on their Flaxtic formula and to provide an impact study to support their transparency claims, it’s the first plant-based, compostable phone case we find on the market. Moreover, it’s a company that supports ocean species conservation and gives to charity. Sounds good enough, no? If you’re not convinced yet, check out what the buyers have to say.


If you’ve decided to get one of your own, find a case for iPhone or Android which suits your phone.


Let me know what you think in the comments. Have you already got one? What’s your experience? 

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